Pinot Noir 2018
The nose eventually comes around to show a great Kiwi-like nose of black fruit with earthy undertones.

Good structure with medium acidity and a nice touch of tannins.
Shiraz 2017
Dark nose with hints of stewed fruit. Generous spice and slightly sweet sensation with good acidity. High tannins with a good grip and full body.
Pinotage 2018
Really pretty with a raised nose of crushed blueberries, red cherries and violets. Slightly spicy. Dry medium body with a nice tannic texture. Lovely surprise.
SPC Blend 2018
(Shiraz, Pinotage, Cabernet)
Persistent fruit with sweet undertones. Possible cinnamon, bramble and plum notes: plush and juicy with bright acidity. Medium tannins, well grained and ripe. Medium body with good weight and subtle sweetness.
Tasting Notes

Minimum 12 bottles. Pinot Noir limited to 3 bottles per purchase 


Trish & John Critchley


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